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How to fight a credit card lawsuit

You have 4 options


Arizona's Consumer Law Attorney

Richard Groves has been practicing law in Arizona for 42 years.

Prior to going into private practice, he worked with the Santa Cruz County Attorney for 12 years, and has unmatched experience in the courtroom litigating in front of judges and juries.

For the last 15 years, devoted his entire practice to defending consumers., representing them in both state and federal courts.

Lawsuits from bad debt buyers

To be successful in defeating a lawsuit against a bad debt buyer, it is important that the attorney be specifically knowledgeable in consumer law.

Lawsuits from creditors

The investment in retaining an attorney can provide the consumer with the support necessary to defeat a consumer credit card lawsuit.

Collection agency harassment

Collection agencies are ruthless in their approach, uncompromising in their demands, and often times utilize collection practices that violate your federal consumer law rights.

Landlord / Tenant Rights

As as tenant, you have certain rights against your landlord. However, in Arizona there are some VERY SPECIFIC rules.


Garnishment is an embarrassing, and confusing form of collection. It also is a very technical process, and has several rules that the party garnishing must follow.

Lawsuit Defense

Defending a lawsuit is a very technical process, as there are a multitude of rules and procedures that must be followed.

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Understanding Arizona consumer law and how it affects you requires interpretation by an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced.
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