Collection Agency Harassment

Stop Collection Agency Harassment

Collection agencies are ruthless in their approach, uncompromising in their demands, and often times utilize collection practices that violate your federal consumer law rights, including:

To be able to collect in Arizona, a collection agency must be registered with the State of Arizona.

Federal law restricts the times that a collection agency can call you. There are also restrictions on the number of times that a collection agency may call you in a day and in a week.

There are restrictions on who a collection agency can speak to in Attempting to collect a debt. There are also certain rights that a collection agency must give you when contacting you. There are restrictions on a collection agency’s right to call you at work. There are requirements as to what items a collection agency must include in any telephone message left.

There are requirements as to what a collection agency must include in any collection letters they send you. There are restrictions as to the tone and content of a collection letter. You have the federal right to demand certain information from a collection agency. You have the federal right to restrict telephone collection activity from collection agencies.

How to deal with Bad Debt Buyers?

  1. Call the law office of Richard Groves at (602) 230-0995 for free consultation OR
  2. Fill out the form to the right and tell us which debt buying company you are dealing with

Attorney Richard Groves is very experienced in working with all debt buying companies. He is very experienced in handling clients situations with debt buyer very quickly and efficiently.

If you are being harassed by any of the following companies you need the help of an experienced consumer law attorney. Don’t heitate, call today. (602) 230-0995

  • Arrow Financial
  • Asset Acceptance
  • Cavalry Portfolio
  • Cavalry SPV I
  • Equable Ascent Financial
  • Midland Funding / Financial
  • Portfolio Recovery
  • Unifund
  • NCO Financial Systems, Inc.
  • LR Credit, LLC
  • LVNV Funding
  • or any other collection service…
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