Lawsuit Defense

Lawsuit Defense

There are a variety of types of lawsuits that a consumer can be involved in:
  • Auto accident
  • Dog bite
  • Children’s acts
  • Accident on consumer’s property
  • Credit card
  • Auto repossession
  • Eviction

If you are being sued, you must respond to the lawsuit or a default judgment will be granted against you.

Defending a lawsuit is a very technical process, as there are a multitude of rules and procedures that must be followed.

If you defend yourself the Court holds you to the same legal knowledge as an attorney!

By failing to defend yourself properly, you can waive or omit certain rights that you may have that will help you win the lawsuit.

Beware of internet legal advice…it usually is not based upon Arizona law, does not include all the possible issues that must be considered, and is often times completely inaccurate.

Attorney Richard Groves is very experienced in defending lawsuit of all types, and has been very successful in defending credit card debt lawsuits

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Attorney Richard Groves is very experienced in working with all debt buying companies. He is very experienced in handling clients situations with debt buyer very quickly and efficiently.

If you are involvede in any type of lawsuit you need the help of an experienced consumer law attorney. Don’t heitate, call today. (602) 230-0995

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