YOU HAVE BEEN SUED…Probably on an old credit card debt.

Midland Funding is one of the largest debt buyers in the USA...

Midland Funding, LLC buys old credit card debt for just pennies on the dollar, and then files thousands of credit card lawsuits against Arizona consumers than any other organization, demanding the full amount due, plus interest, plus attorney fees!

Midland Funding’s “Business Model” is designed to intimidate consumers who are unfamiliar with the legal system into doing nothing to defend themselves…

4 mistakes to avoid in defending a lawsuit by Midland Funding

It's Important that you know your rights.

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What other consumers are saying about us:

I highly recommend Richard Groves
“When Portfolio Recovery sued me I knew that I didn’t know enough to protect myself, and I was really afraid that they would get a judgment against me. Mr. Groves took the time to answer all of my questions, and was very professional to me at all times. He was very tough on Portfolio Recovery! He charged me a fixed fee that was fair, so I didn’t have to worry about my legal fees continuing to increase as the case went along. Mr. Groves won the case for me.

I highly recommend Richard Groves to anyone who gets involved in credit card lawsuit.”

Rachel S.

“NI called to ask for legal advice expecting that I would either be reaching a receptionist that would schedule me an appointment that I would have to pay for or end up leaving a voicemail and still having to pay before I could get any of my questions answered. I called and Richard Grove answered the phone promptly and with a very very kind tone and demeanor. He without hesitation allowed me and encouraged me to explain what my situation is regarding the reason for my call. He gave me excellent information to protect myself from the scare tack ticks being used and educated me on my rights. I HIGHLY suggest you use him if needed and I will absolutely call him if I need his services in the future. I was so sick over the phone call I received prior to calling him. THANK YOU RICHARD!!!”

Michelle D

This is an excellent law firm.
“Nothing can keep you up at night like a personal debt can. If you’re served with a judgment, don’t wait.

Have Mr.Groves office represent you right away. I had my debt eliminated and all marks on my credit score removed without having to appear in court. Thank you so much!

I can see an internet “troll” review on here. There’s one in every crowd. I presume you don’t know, we can see all of your other reviews about debt collection attorneys and bankruptcy agencies. Paints quite a picture doesn’t it?”

B Turner

A one time fee that was fair and reasonable.
“I panicked when Midland Funding sued me. I have worked very hard to clean up my credit the last couple of years, and getting a judgment on my credit now would have been terrible. I knew that I couldn’t fight Midland’s attorney on my own, so I hired Richard Groves. He handled everything from the day I hired him, and he got the case dismissed without me having to pay Midland anything. He charged a one time fee that was fair and reasonable. I didn’t have to go to court, and Mr. Groves won the case for me. I recommend Mr. Groves to anyone involved with a zombie debt buyer.”

Samantha L.

I didn’t have to worry about anything
“I didn’t even know who MIDLAND FUNDING was until they sued me! I did know that I sure didn’t want a judgment on my credit. Attorney Richard Groves handled the entire matter for me so I didn’t have to worry about anything. He charged me a “flat fee” that very reasonable. And, I won!

I recommend Attorney Richard. Groves to anyone who gets sued on an old credit card debt.”

Michael F.

I highly recommend!!
“I highly recommend!!! As one of the reviewers say in here, they’re GOOD PEOPLE! I called for a consultation and Mr. Groves personally answered the phone. He asked important questions and advised/suggested on how to proceed. Didn’t upsell or asked me to go to his Office for further consultation (which happens with other law firms, which also would require $$$ for consultation fee). He didn’t take advantage at all (for financial/monetary gain). He was very smart, direct to the point and he really knows what he’s doing. At the end of our conversation/free consultation, after all the facts, I got a very sound advice for free. He just told me to call him if I needed his service in the future. I would really, really recommend Atty. Groves, very helpful!”

Kristine I

“Richard and his associate, Art, are nothing less than miracle workers. Richard is genuinely brilliant. When I first called in an utter state of panic, he answered the phone himself! Have you ever heard of such a high profile lawyer answering the phone themselves? In a free thirty minute consultation, he informed me of the intricacies of my case and the rote, boiler-plate practice that this one company regularly engages in. Just a few months later, my case was closed and the report expunged from my credit report. Brilliant. I cannot recommend this office highly enough, and the flat fee is extremely reasonable – particularly for the peace of mind you will immediately enjoy when your case lands in their competent and non-exploitative hands. Richard is a genuine consumer advocate. Bravo! Thank you so much, Richard and Art”

Suzanne S

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